Order Your Valentine’s Gift-Wrapped Matcha Tea Set

aoit-valentines-day-matcha-gift-set-promo-store.jpgSee the twinkle in her eye when you send more than just flowers to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

With our gift-wrapped Valentine’s Day matcha tea sets you can appeal to their healthy side while still showing that you care.  Each gift set contains a full matcha tea set with a matcha bowl, whisk holder, whisk, bamboo spoon and a tin of premium AOI matcha, Matcha Delight.

Looking for creative ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Sing It With Music – Send a valentine is thoughtful, but how about sending your loved a song that reminds you of them?  It’s a sweet way to make a memory and is surely something they’ll remember.

Covered In Chocolate – Everybody loves chocolate, but if you really want to make your Valentine happy give them some chocolate covered fruit.  Strawberries, cherries or even bananas are a great Valentine’s Day treat.

Make A Fabulous Meal – Food is an easy way to someone’s heart and my preparing a dinner for two by yourself, you’ll not only show how much you care, but you can guarantee what’s on the menu is something your Valentine will love!

So visit our online store and make your Valentine truly happy (and healthy) this year with an AOI Valentine’s Gift-Wrapped Matcha Tea Set.